Member Spotlight – Jason Griffin CIT, CIS

Jason Griffin CIT, CIS
Director of Education & Safety Services
Construction Association of Michigan

Jason Griffin, is one of the Greater Detroit Chapter’s newest Board members and serves as a chapter Delegate. He brings some great experience and has been an active participant in Board matters. Jason is the CAM (Construction Association of Michigan) Director of Education & Safety Services and has more than 10 years of health and safety experience. Prior to working for CAM, Jason was a Senior Construction Safety Consultant for MIOSHA’s CET Division and was a MIOSHA Training Institute instructor and program developer. Currently, Jason provides consultation and training services for CAM’s member companies and is responsible for the association’s educational programming. The combination of Jason’s experiences in commercial construction, working with MIOSHA’s CET Division, and his many interactions with contractors, associations, and workers across Michigan have equipped him with an in depth understanding of how to bring real world experiences to the classroom.