Greater Detroit Chapter Holds a Day of Fun at the Detroit Zoo

On Sunday, September 25th, Chapter members and their families got together to enjoy a fun filled day exploring the Detroit Zoo. The Zoo features 125 acres of true to life habitats that call themselves home to over 7,000 animals including amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles.

Of course, Chapter members also had the opportunity to network/socialize with fellow GDC members/safety professionals and their families. Take a look at the some of the pictures!

The morning may have started a bit rocky with some rain… but that all cleared up to provide the perfect weather for a zoo day – cool, w/breeze (no heat illness worries). It seemed like everyone enjoyed their private presentation and tour, and the food was great – there were lots of smiles and laughs.

High points of the gathering included:

  • Seeing Aaron Munoz get his GDC Chapter SPY award from 2021
  • The Greater Detroit Chapter T-Shirts – turned out super cool! 
  • Having our student chapter leadership/members there.  
  • Seeing Chris from MIOSHA being able to join with his family. 
  • Catching up with folks we have not seen for a few years…
  • Seeing our members/family/friends taking pictures with masks on. 
  • Giving Back – Aaron Munoz giving away our extra tickets to unexpecting zoo patrons – telling them to be safe and enjoy their day 
  • Getting in many “steps” for the day, for those with walking goals! 

Note from Linda Zaziski, GDC Chapter President, to those who helped plan and run the event:

 “I wanted to send a quick shout out – Woot Woot!  to each of you. Thank you so much for all of your dedication/hard work in making this event such a success. I just want to send my sincere thanks FOR ALL YOU DO to support the Greater Detroit Chapter!”