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MDARD Encourages Owners to Help Keep Their Animals Cool and Safe as Temperatures Rise

Feeling hot? Chances are your animals are too

LANSING, MI — As temperatures rise into the 90s in many parts of the state, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is reminding owners on some of the best ways to keep animals cool and safe.

“During times of high temperatures and high humidity, animals can quickly become overheated. It is vital for animals to be kept hydrated and cool,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Nora Wineland. “While it is important to be able to recognize the signs of heat stress in an animal, it is even more crucial to prevent this from occurring.”

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Oakland University EHS Mentoring Program 2021-2022

The Oakland University EHS Mentoring Program is looking for mentors to help students with their professional development. The time commitment can be fairly minimal, as we only expect one meeting per month (although, you and your mentee can meet more frequently if you prefer!). As a mentor, we would like to see you help your mentee with things like resume review, mock interviews, networking, job shadowing/site visits (if allowed), career coaching/counseling…and anything else that you think will help them land their dream job in safety! If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Dr. Tara Diesbourg at before September 6 to be matched with a mentee.

Download the MSP Mobile App Today!

Beginning today, Michiganders can download a free mobile app that allows users to follow the MSP post that covers their area to receive breaking news and information. The app, called MSP Mobile, is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With 30 MSP posts statewide, MSP Mobile was designed to allow users to follow the post that serves their community or any post of their choosing. Users can opt to receive push notifications that will instantly alert them to traffic crashes, arrests, criminal investigations, community events and other education and prevention information.

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WISE Mentoring Program

The WISE Mentoring program successfully connects today’s most talented and experienced women mentors with rising and aspiring mentees. This pairing is designed to encourage and empower mentees to more effectively advance their careers through alignment with identified business objective, skill development, career option consideration, and network formation. All discussions are strictly confidential between the two parties. If you are an SH&E practitioner seeking to chart a successful career path or a seasoned pro eager to share experiences and insight, please visit the ASSP WISE website for more information.