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Importance of Knowing Employees’ Names in Workplace Safety

OHS practitioners, lend me your ears!

Do you know that, as an OHS practitioner, your success lies not only in your technical expertise but also in your ability to build and nurture trusting relationships and strong workplace alliances with coworkers from other departments?

In today’s newsletter, let’s discover one simple yet powerful tip OHS practitioners can use to build and nurture trusting relationships and strong workplace alliances.

Establishing and nurturing trusting relationships and strong workplace alliances is essential for influencing shop floor employees and ultimately convincing them to embrace plantwide safety initiatives.

There are many ways this can be done. One simple way is to learn the names of as many employees as possible.

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Member Recognition – Dale Gray

Dale Gray has been a member of ASSP for over 50+ years and is a current member of Greater Detroit Chapter. Dale recently took the time to provide us with some words of wisdom he has gained over the years and tell us a little about himself.

Advice on being an effective safety professional

To be truly effective in safety management, securing management support and involvement is paramount. While support is important, true involvement means active participation. For instance, if you need the CEO’s support, they might delegate the task to someone else. Involvement, on the other hand, means they personally commit to the task.

For example, during my career, I requested the CEO’s involvement in creating a video for a large audience. He not only agreed but also declined my offer to draft his speech, insisting he knew what he wanted to say. This level of engagement is what distinguishes involvement from mere support.

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Restaurant Loss Prevention/Security Association (RLPSA) Conference

At the Restaurant Loss Prevention/Security Association (RLPSA) Annual Conference on March 26, Dr. Tara Diesburg, GDC member and Assistant Professor at Oakland University, presented on the ergonomics risk factors to watch for in the restaurant and food service industry, and ways that we might be able to mitigate them. Attendees also discussed how to implement a participatory ergonomics program in their facilities to have the best possible outcome with their ergonomics programs.

Another Great “Safety at the Zoo” Event!

Over 25 people attended the Greater Detroit Chapter (GDC) Safety at the Zoo event on December 19th, 2023. This was one of several activities we (the GDC) hold each year to provide an opportunities for our members to learn, network, and have some fun. We started off with a presentation by Lynn Cox, followed by dinner at Table 28 and a stroll around the zoo enjoying the light displays. The presentation reviewed the different requirements that help keep all those involved safe, from the staff and animals all the way to the 1 million+ guests that visit the Detroit Zoo each year. This was a great event. A big thanks to Lynn, and to everyone else who helped make this happen!

ASSP Recognizes Members with 25, 40 and 50 Years of Membership and Service to the Safety Profession

ASSP recently released a list of persons who have been ASSP members for periods of time that have exceeded 25, 40 and 50 years. While the ASSP Greater Detroit Chapter (GDC) values the membership and contributions to the chapter made by “all,” the GDC wants to recognize the ASSP GDC members who made it to the list – shown below. Congratulations, and – WOW!


Byron J . Beattie

Craig R . Chunchick

Malcom E . Dunbar

Patrick C . Peters

Rocky M . May

Ronald D . Henderson


Daniel R . Scarvie

Douglas C . Hardy

Martin R . Gill


Dale A. Gray