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Member Spotlight – Kathleen Dobson, CSP, SMS, CHST, STSC

Kathi is a Safety Director for Alberici Constructors in their Great Lakes Regional Office located in Southfield Michigan. She holds a degree in nursing from Mercy College of Detroit, now UDM. Her responsibilities include support for projects within the corporate automotive division and mining, heavy civil and industrial processes markets.

She travels extensively throughout North America and is a recognized safety leader in the construction industry. She has led the Safety Committees for Michigan AGC, the Association of Union Constructors (TAUC), the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and serves on EH&S committees for CURT – the Construction User’s Round Table, NACBE – the National Association of Contractor Boilermaker Employers and AISC – the American Institute of Steel Contractors. With NAWIC, she also heads up the OSHA-NAWIC National Alliance.

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Member Spotlight – Jason Griffin CIT, CIS

Jason Griffin CIT, CIS
Director of Education & Safety Services
Construction Association of Michigan

Jason Griffin, is one of the Greater Detroit Chapter’s newest Board members and serves as a chapter Delegate. He brings some great experience and has been an active participant in Board matters. Jason is the CAM (Construction Association of Michigan) Director of Education & Safety Services and has more than 10 years of health and safety experience. Prior to working for CAM, Jason was a Senior Construction Safety Consultant for MIOSHA’s CET Division and was a MIOSHA Training Institute instructor and program developer. Currently, Jason provides consultation and training services for CAM’s member companies and is responsible for the association’s educational programming. The combination of Jason’s experiences in commercial construction, working with MIOSHA’s CET Division, and his many interactions with contractors, associations, and workers across Michigan have equipped him with an in depth understanding of how to bring real world experiences to the classroom.

Member Spotlight – Linda Zaziski, MSM, CP-FS, PCQI 

Linda Zaziski, MSM, CP-FS, PCQI
National Director of Safety
Little Caesar Enterprises and Blue Line Foodservice Distribution

Linda is the National Director of Safety, where she currently leads the strategic, nationwide brand protection/safety efforts for Little Caesar Enterprises and Blue Line Food Service Distribution.   She has over 30 years of food service/retail/manufacturing/distribution experience overseeing safety, environmental safety, loss prevention, crisis management, risk, regulatory compliance and food safety.

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Download the MSP Mobile App Today!

Beginning today, Michiganders can download a free mobile app that allows users to follow the MSP post that covers their area to receive breaking news and information. The app, called MSP Mobile, is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With 30 MSP posts statewide, MSP Mobile was designed to allow users to follow the post that serves their community or any post of their choosing. Users can opt to receive push notifications that will instantly alert them to traffic crashes, arrests, criminal investigations, community events and other education and prevention information.

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